Facility Update 2/27/17

Boy things are moving fast! Its an interesting concept when you spend so many months in a place where you memorize the look. the feel, the smells…then a crew knocks it down with big and loud machines. I guess every construction guy or avid DIY person feels this way but it really hit some of us, and not in a demolition way . We have been working on this project for 18 months so it was incredibly refreshing and uplifting to see physical progress being made at the distillery. When this place gets its overhaul and a new coat of paint, it will really feel like home to us.


Speaking of progress, this is where we are at. Demolition has commenced and the cement is starting to be cut to put in trench drains for cleaning. The facility looks like a hazy battlefield with the dust and loud machines everywhere. We are locking up the lease to our storage facility across the way, a huge relief and celebration for us.


We are definitely keeping busy over here and stay tuned for more updates! Also, for whoever is reading. We would love to hear from you and see what our loyal fans want to see in future content.




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